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Managing a Resort in an ecosystem as vulnerable as the Príncipe, together with the entire local community, entails a huge responsibility. Aware of the importance of the negative impacts that tourism can lead to your surroundings, Bom Bom Island Resort (BBIR) continuously works towards reducing your carbon footprint and create a positive and sustainable impact.
The BBIR aims to achieve excellence in the following areas of sustainable tourism: social, economic, environmental and culture, along with customer satisfaction.
In this way we work in accordance with legal requirements, managing the effects generated by the activity, motivating and training our staff with training and awareness in accordance with the principles of responsible tourism, promoting good environmental practices in the environment and participating in outdoor activities. Thus seek to achieve energy efficiency, reduction of pollutant load and ensure sustainable use of resources. Disclosed, both internally and externally, developments and environmental activities of the company, always looking to increase the interaction and experiences that our customers can achieve with the local community, social and cultural life.
Similarly, we are committed to the projects future extensions of our facilities or activities will be subject to strict criteria related to sustainability and the efficient use of resources.
Certification of Responsible Tourism Biosphere, sponsored by the Institute for Responsible Tourism (ITR), certifies and recognizes tourism entities that have sustainable management, and are thus examples of sustainability internationally. The BBIR's working to reach that level.

For the environmental conservation of the Island of Principe the Regional Government requests your contribution by paying directly to our hotel a Tourism development levy of  5€ per adult ( 18yr and above) per stay .
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